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Kodiak has spectacular sportfishing for salmon and trout throughout the summer season. Each river system runs on a little different schedule for when the salmon arrive and what species are available -- so you need to do some research before planning a trip. When you decide on the location and time frame, let us know and we are more than happy to help schedule charter dates and times to the location. Below are some of the more popular remote fishing/camping destinations. We do not recommend day trips from Kodiak unless scheduled the day before with a good weather forecast, due to the quickly changing weather around the Island we do not want anybody stuck out in the field without adequate supplies.

If you are interested in guided fishing trips, take a look at Zachar Bay Lodge.

AFOGNAK LAKE - Flying time from Kodiak: 15 minutes

  • Afognak Lake is approximatly 20 miles to the west of Kodiak, on Afognak Island. This is a popular area during August and September for Silver Salmon. The land is owned and managed by Afognak Native Corportation and you need to purchase the Land Use Permit before entering the field. Find out more about ANC by clicking here.

PAUL'S LAKE - Flying time from Kodiak: 20 minutes

  • Paul's Lake is approximatly 25 miles North of Kodiak, on Afognak Island.. This is a popular area during August and September for Silver Salmon. There are no public use cabins, so you will need to bring camping equipment. A small boat and motor is recommended, but not required.

UGANIK LAKE AREA - Flying time from Kodiak: 20 minutes

  • Uganik Lake is apprximately 30 miles southwest of Kodiak, and the Lake is 1/2 mile wide and 3 1/2 miles long.
    • There is a Kodiak refuge cabin at the headwaters of the lake (South end) and the outlet drains to the North into East Arm of Uganik Bay (also known as Mush Bay).
    • Depending on the season, there is the opportunity to catch Dolly Varden (Arctic Char), Red Salmon (Sockeye), Pink Salmon (Humpy), Silver Salmon (Coho)
    • Uganik Lake Cabin Short hike to the inlet of the lake for fishing. If want to access the outlet, you will need raft & outboard.
    • Uganik Outlet Hike to the fishing holes in the river (can be several miles). If planning on rafting, will need a river raft or kayak (no outboard necassary) and will require pickup in Mush Bay (which depends on tide).
    • Mush Bay The pickup location after rafting the Uganik River. There is a large tidal flat area and it is subject to tides.

KARLUK AREA - Flying time from Kodiak: 40 minutes

  • The Karluk River is a popular destination for King Salmon & Sockeye Salmon fishing in June & July. The land is privately owned and managed by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and access requires applying for a usage permit during the desired time period. Most groups start at the Lake and raft to the Lagoon over several days to a week time period, camping along the way.September is Coho season. October & November is a steelhead season. Click here for more information regarding the permit process.
    • Karluk Lake Outlet Typically the area where the raft trip begins. There are red salmon and dolly varden trout in the outlet. The king salmon holes are several miles down the river.
    • Karluk Portage (Midriver) A floatplane landing strip about halfway down the river. There are two good King Salmon fishing holes in this area.
    • Karluk King Hole (Lagoon) The pickup location before entering the Karluk Lagoon and village area. Also known as the "Barrel Hole" or "King Hole"

FRAZER LAKE AREA - Flying time from Kodiak: 45 minutes

  • The Frazer River system is popular for red salmon fishing, rainbow trout and dolly varden from June through August. There is a public use cabin at the South end of the Lake, but it requires a raft & motor to travel to the river outlet. Anticipate on about a mile hike to the red salmon fishing holes below Frazer Falls.

RED LAKE / AYAKULIK - Flying time from Kodiak: 50 minutes

Summary: The Ayakulik River is a popular destination for King Salmon & Sockeye Salmon fishing in June & July. The land is managed by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. September is Coho season. October & November is a steelhead season. WE DO NOT OFFER SERVICE TO THE AYAKULIK RIVER.

These are just a few of the areas. Take a look at ADF&G Kodiak's webpage... click here. A good resource for finding the right spot for you is to contact the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and speak with one of the Sport Fish Biologists. 907-486-1880
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